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Five Questions to Sharpen Your Strategic Mind

Mastering strategic thinking is an undeniable asset. I've come across a framework that underscores how crucial it is to question our strategies daily to hone this skill.

Here are five questions to constantly ask yourself to sharpen this ability:

  1. Innovate in Thinking - How can I think differently and overcome my biases to transform the status quo?

  2. Interpret the Business Landscape - What are the emerging trends, and what are their implications?

  3. Anticipate Impacts - In what ways can I mitigate negative effects and propel positive outcomes for people, processes, and profits?

  4. Bridge the Gaps - Who should I consult with, and who is often left out?

  5. Forge Strategic Connections - Who should I ally with to garner meaningful insights?

These questions stimulate reflection and catalyze action. Strategic thinking is more than just an intellectual exercise; it's a vibrant dynamic that urges us to look beyond biases and build connections with a range of stakeholders.

For those interested, I invite you to download the high-quality template from Bruce Mann's "Building Bridges" newsletter on It's a treasure for those aspiring to solidify their leadership and strategic thinking capabilities.

Remember, refining strategic thinking is an endless journey. Incorporate these inquiries into your daily routine and watch your approach to business transform.

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