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About us

Our firm's name reflects the synergy between strategy and execution, creating an outcome that is greater than the sum of its individual parts. For our clients, this means a consulting partner who can guide their strategic vision and ensure it is successfully realized.



Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the strategies, tools and insights needed to fearlessly pursue their visions. We believe in the transformative power of synergy and collaboration, guiding our clients not only to envision their goals, but to execute them with precision and courage. By acting as a catalyst for growth and innovation, we are committed to transforming entrepreneurial potential into tangible success.


Growing together

We recognize the importance of beginnings and the potential they hold. Every journey with us begins with a commitment to growth, encouraging continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence.

Equality & equity

At the heart of our work is a commitment to equality and fairness. We ensure that every entrepreneur, regardless of their starting point, receives the support and opportunities needed to thrive.

Synergy & collaboration

We believe in the power of collective effort and shared wisdom. Our approach is rooted in the belief that together we achieve more, fostering partnerships that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Unity & strength

Notre force réside dans notre unité. Nous nous tenons aux côtés des entrepreneurs, combinant nos forces pour relever les défis et saisir les opportunités avec déter-mination. Même post mandat, nous sommes disponibles.


Marc Lavallée



For nearly 25 years, Marc has focussed on both established companies and promising start-ups. He believes strongly in the potential of entrepreneurship and the capability of individuals to rise to challenges.

In 2014, Marc decided to use his experiences to assist other entrepreneurs, working hand in hand with investors and buyers to enhance the growth of small to mid-sized enterprises. His motto, "Getting Things Done," reflects his straightforward approach to business: effective strategies and solid execution.

At 1+1 Consulting, Marc works with the conviction that success in business is a mix of growth drive and teamwork. We aim to help leaders and teams realize their full potential.

Marc's past roles in the telecommunications sector, such as his time with TELUS, Trispec Communications Inc, and Videotron, provided him with a broad understanding of the industry.

Armed with a Finance degree from HEC Montréal, Marc brings both knowledge and practical experience to the table. He also gives back to the community, serving as a Board Member for CENTR'AIDANTS de la Montérégie since 2018.

Marc Lavallée combines experience, dedication, and a genuine desire to help businesses and individuals grow.

Philippe Prévost



Philipe is a strategist and communicator, with a career extending over three decades. His expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, including events, advertising, retail, web, and public relations.

At the heart of Philipe's methodology lies his dedication to crafting business strategies and carving out unique and compelling business visions.


As the co-founder of 1+1consulting in Montreal, a considerable segment of his professional journey has been dedicated to assisting businesses navigate the complexities of modern-day challenges. 

Philipe places a significant emphasis on the essence of robust leadership and recognizes the critical role of human dynamics within organizational frameworks.


His leadership credentials are further evidenced by his significant roles at National Public, Nurun, BBDO, and Publicis.

Anchoring his expertise is a Business Administration degree from Bishop's University.

Engaging with Philipe Prevost means more than collaborating with a seasoned consultant; it signifies a partnership with a visionary committed to innovation, excellence, and the unmatched strength of synergistic teamwork.

Transform your vision into agile action.


Eficio - Logo

Team of CIOs (Chief Information Officers) with extensive experience in several organizations of various sizes. Their CIOs have the ability to quickly adapt to the operational reality of our customers. 

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Évoluance is an organizational performance consulting firm. Its multidisciplinary team of 3 professionals supports SMEs in organizational design, organizational development, leadership development and change management.

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