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Unleashing Potential, Accelerating Growth

Welcome to 1+1 Consulting—where vision meets expertise to fast-track your business's growth.

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We strive to create a future where every entrepreneur can access the support and knowledge needed to make their dreams a reality, overcoming obstacles with strength and unity. Through our dedication to simplicity, fundamentals, and continuous growth, we aim to inspire a movement of fearless entrepreneurship that reshapes industries and creates lasting impact.

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Dont just strategize; become a master of execution

In a business environment marked by disruptions, market instability, cybersecurity risks, challenges in employee retention, and regulatory compliance demands, StratX emerges as the compass guiding businesses towards sustainable success. 


At its core, StratX initiates with the establishment of a visionary long-term outlook and objectives for an organization. It then progresses to crafting strategies and actions that aim to fulfill these objectives, all while aligning with both the internal strengths and the external market dynamics.


A critical feature of StratX is its structured system designed to translate strategic goals into actionable plans across departments, ensuring alignment in resource distribution, budgeting, and performance indicators.

Planification Stratégique

Strategic Planning process

Our strategic planning process is a systematic approach to define long-term goals and allocates resources to align with those goals. The objective is to drive growth, enhance competitive advantage, and achieve long-term sustainability.


OKR management framework

The OKR (Objectives and Key Results) management framework is a goal-setting methodology used to align objectives and ensure every team member is working towards a common purpose. Regular check-ins and evaluations ensure that the organization remains on track, promotes transparency, and fosters collaboration across all levels.

Execution Leadership

Execution Leadership Coaching

Execution-style leadership emphasizes the importance of transforming plans into action. This leadership style is characterized by decisiveness, a strong orientation towards action, and a commitment to seeing projects through to completion.

Is StratX for you ?

You're uncertain about your company's position three years from now.

Implementation Process

StratX encourages a long-term vision focused on achieving organizational objectives while taking into account internal capabilities and market trends. This methodology ensures that strategic priorities are transformed into departmental objectives, resource allocation, budgets, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Discover + Define

We kickstart with a valuation and vision alignment to ensure stakeholders are in sync, setting the stage for unified growth.

Develop + Detail

Leadership and OKR planning anchor our strategy, utilizing comprehensive assessments to pave the way for targeted achievements.

Trousse StratX
Deploy + Drive

The implementation of alongside disciplined execution practices revolutionizes management processes, ensuring dynamic progression.

Determine + Dynamize

Regular review touchpoints foster adaptability, ensuring your strategy evolves with your business.

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